Electra Music

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Welcome to Electra Music, my name is Rosie and I will be writing about some of my favorite music, from Dance music to Indie Rock to R&B. I have adored music and writing for so many years I thought I should start a blog. My first music was way back in 2010 and I pretty much focused on Dance music and Pop, but I’ve created many blogs focused on Dance music only, this is pretty much going back to my roots!

I have also been writing fan fiction and also making fan videos whenever I have time during my days off of work or whenever I am off work for a week or two, I’ll get my video clips and research brain on an get to work… Takes my stresses away from working in a supermarket 26-35 hours a week anyways. I really hope you enjoy my blog and reviews, I’ll be also featuring some photos I have taken when I am in nightclubs here in London or photos from when I go to events in the UK (Liverpool mainly) and also event reviews and day in the life vlogs to help you get to know me more.