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About Her

My name is Rosie and I have been writing for the last 7-8 years, I’ve created dozens of blogs containing music reviews and make-up reviews etc and I also have had a few Tumblr accounts too. I also write fan fiction and I make fan videos for YouTube (chelsixify) have been for the last 6 years now. I adore writing and making fan videos as it takes my mind off of my work a cashier in retail, retail can be pretty stressful so music and writing etc are my getaway!

I spend most Friday’s enjoying nights out at Ministry of Sound, Fabric, Egg, Bars and pubs and also I enjoy meeting new people who love the same music as me too. I have a few health issues such as panic attacks when I fear something or get stress over things, but I will never let it kill my love of going out and letting my hair down after dealing with the rush hours on Friday days + evenings.

Reviewing has been a huge passion of mine as I have been adoring music ever since the 80s when my mum and dad would play the radio all of the time when I was growing up in the 1989-1999 with them, I moved from Liverpool to London in 1999 and my passion for music evolved and I started to enjoy indie rock and then dance music once again (Dance music fan since 1996, Indie Rock fan since 2003) so it’s always been a huge passion in me and my family.

I am a scouse, little Irish, southern girl living in London working in retail who writes reviews about event or club night that I attend and also takes photos in the club during the event or club night. My biggest wish is to become a tour manager for a female DJ like Rebecca & Fiona or Made In June, club/DJ photographer, work in A&R, Fashion Marketing, PR/PA work too. I have high goals and big dreams for my future.