Roger Sanchez is from the Queens, NYC and has been on the scene from the very beginning when house was just starting to progress into what it is today. He is somewhat of a remixer for the superstars in music, remixing Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Diana Ross and The Police. It was until 2001 when Roger released his sublime, true house anthem and Ibiza classic, Another Chance that set him on the right path in his career. He is a house legend for life and still produces outstanding music.

Carnao Beats on the other hand is a fab producer I haven’t heard of before, but I am super excited to see what beautiful music they’ll  come up with next. Hailing from London, UK, Carn began his path in dance music when he listened to 90s house and garage tracks. He produced H.O.U.S.E and Know My Name, which went onto Audio Rehab, the latter being re-edited by Anime Edge & Dance and remixed Low Steppa the first of these being the track that put Carn on the scene.

This gorgeous little track has a beautiful array of different sounds and a gorgeous 90s piano melody that will just ring fabulous in your ears. Gifty’s vocals just add the essence of 90s vocal house a little I think too, those deep soul notes in her vocals.

Also, the percussion just blends everything together like cake mix, the right quantities of melody, percussion, beat, vocal. It’s simple yet complex, with a sweet sugary center.
I really recommend you listen to this alongside Carnao Beats’ other work also, new talent right here for sure.