Klingande has been on the scene for over three years and has had an amazing, very successful career so far and is making beautiful tracks after another. It started with Cedric Steinmyller went back to Croix, Northern France to begin work on melodic house sounds and classy music, one being a track called ‘Jubel’, which was released in May 2014 in the UK and has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard it on the radio the first few days of it’s release.. This track has garnered 172 million plays in total on YouTube, 146 million of those on the original video, 76.3 million altogether on Spotify, 70 million of those on the Original and is a pioneer track for the Melodic sub-genre of House.

Cedric makes a return after his stunning ‘Losing U’ release back in February this year to something a little more different than his previous releases, but back to the sounds of his production, ‘Riva (Restart The Game)’. ‘Something New’ is a gorgeous, very melodic, happy, colorful track with gorgeous vocals from M-22 that will send you to the dance floor straight away. The piano and the fluttering sounds of guitar sounds in the background will melt you heart and with the soft, light tones of M-22 it’s perfection!

There is something about this track that practically describes Melodic House and that the vocals within the drop sound like it’s being sung by a saxophone is something that is incredibly intriguing and stunning. Everything about this track is special and unique and will be another one of Klingande many hits! The track has already gained almost 1 million plays on Spotify!