Mightyfools have been murdering dance floors for almost 15 years and have been doing so recently on Barong stages worldwide and producing phat bass tracks and creating EPs that will just get you moving to the dance floor! Moksi have only been around a few years but have had a tremendous career so far, being part of the Barong crew and family, creating stunning sets and tracks etc and also murdering dance floors across the world too!

These four have combined a ton of sounds from the past few decades and have also used  vibrant, phat bass line to glimmering and murderous Fidget house sounds (A sub genre of house from way back, 6 years ago that has sadly seen a decline, but it slowly coming back thanks to this track and many more) It involves many subgenre’s from the past 10-15 years, hints of drum ‘n bass, fidget house, disco and melodic waves of massive beats!

Hypnotic and indulgent, this track  will aim to please any fan of Barong, Disco, House, Fidget House, Phat bass lines, killer drum beats and anything else in between!
Such a gorgeous track that needs to be heard over and over again for sure.