Kryder’s Sosumi label is one of the best labels showcasing new talent and releasing stunning music. This time it’s this gorgeous track Class X, it has such a house vibe and a little hint of raves in warehouses in the 90s too. Just screams those hazy, unforgettable nights in warehouses dancing to some of the best house tracks and records and also the track sends off vibes from the Ibiza 90s too!

The melody and the beat progression and the drops are super classy and full of little kicks, around 1:46 the track takes a different stance on things and gets the heart melting to this gorgeous melody. Track cultivates on huge progression and fabulous beats that will just make you fall in love with this track, something of a Summer track that will be a classic in the Summer of 2017 also.

Such a sassy, bubbly melody and stunning, bizarre and interesting vox too that also make it the best track for a Summer evening and will pretty much cater for any music lover!