Sander has been such an iconic DJ and producer over the last 10 years and has broken many boundaries musically. This new remix from Sander is a track curated by the legend that is Moby! Sander goes back to his tech-house roots and blends soft percussion and melodic strings and revitalize and iconic classic!

The opening of the remix is sublime, those classic vocals sinking into this very deep yet luscious pot of different instruments, gorgeous synths and a beautiful percussive backdrop. Everything flows beautiful and gracefully together. Sander adds a gorgeous, classy richness with this remix and makes it sounds super luxurious and rather mellow.
Natural Blues has that edge that will just take you back to 1999-2000 and will begin to send you throwbacks from those glorious summer evenings.

I am utterly sure that will little beauty will be playing in most of the set at Ibiza and Creamfields indefinitely as it has a sassy, melodic vibe which is perfect for those 2016 summer evenings at a festival, drinking cocktails in Ibiza or having a night in with the girls or guys and sitting back and enjoying life.

All of the build ups and the drops are second to none and incredibly well laid out and produced by one of many inspirational legends of the last 10 years!

This stunning remix is out on Spinnin Records on the 15th of August, add it to your Beatport basket, summer playlists, iTunes and any other streaming/download service and enjoy!